Monthly meetings


Our branch is one of the largest and fastest growing branches of the BCSS in the country. Meetings are usually held on the first Thursday of each month from September to June at 7.30pm in the Hopkirk Building, Glasgow Botanic Gardens, Great Western Road, Glasgow. The entry gate on Queen Margaret Drive is open from 7.00 till 7.25pm only. Come and join us – visitors welcome!



February 1

AGM and Plant auction
p.o.m Cactus and succulent genera O – R

March 1

Quiz and Mini Talk  – Succulent Families by Ray Stephenson
p.o.m Cactus and succulent genera E – F

April 5

Slides by Keith Grantham – South-west USA Part 3
p.o.m Cactus and succulent genera G – I

April 19

Zone Tour (to be confirmed)
p.o.m Cactus and succulent genera J – L

May 3

They don’t have to be rare by David Slade
p.o.m Cactus and succulent genera S – T

May 31 (note earlier date)

Small Opuntiads by Tony Roberts
p.o.m One flowering cactus / one flowering succulent

June 2

Annual Branch Show and sale, Kibble Palace, Botanic Gardens. Judge Tony Roberts

September 6

Tour of the Botanic Garden Glasshouses by Louise Bustard.

p.o.m.  Cactus and succulent genera A – C.

October 4

Table Show. Judge Professor George Thomson.

October 18

Zone Tour – Succulents of Namibia by Professor Ralph Martin.

p.o.m.  Opuntia Group, Mesembrianthemum Group.

November 1

Agave through the Ages by Dr Colin Walker.

p.o.m.  Rebutia Group, Agave or Aloe.

December 6

Social Evening

p.o.m.  1 Cactus, 1 Succulent.



January 10

Mini Talks – Raised Beds by Tony Dance and Texas and New Mexico slides by Hamish McKelvie

p.o.m. Genera D – F

February 7

AGM and Plant Auction.

p.o.m. Genera G – H.

March 7

Fireplace of Endemism by Ray Stephenson

p.o.m.  Genera I – L.

April 4

Talk on Continental Trips by Jim Gibbs.

p.o.m.  Mammillaria,  Adromischus sub group.

April (date to be confirmed)

Zone Tour – Speaker to be confirmed

p.o.m. Genera S –T.

May 2

Mini Talks – Preparing for Shows and Cacti of Canada by Professor George Thomson.

p.o.m.  Genera N – P.

May 30

The Madagascan National Park by Alan Brown.

p.o.m.  1 Flowering Cactus, 1 Flowering Succulent.


Please note plant of the month (p.o.m.) is restricted to pots not over 10cms/4 inches.