It’s goodbye to Cactus&Co

After twenty years publication, the final copy of the international journal Cactus&Co has been issued. Due to falling revenue from subscribers, the organisation has decided that continuation of the publication is no longer viable. The action has been termed ‘suspended’ but, in the current climate, it is unlikely that it will restart. The organisation/society will continue for those who can attend meetings in Italy and a nominal fee can be paid by anyone wishing to support it.

The publications of Cactus&Co, both books and journals, have been universally praised for their quality, especially the periodical. It is sad that, on this occasion, quality has not saved matters. I am proud that the organisation published several of my articles and my book on the genus Melocactus. It also contributed financially to my visit to Bolognia to launch the volume. For this I am very grateful and wish those who put so much work into Cactus&Co well for the future. GT